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Account Privacy

By using the services we mean you agree that your FTP account for the time we save on the system, but we do not store your FTP account password but the password is stored in your browser cookies and the password has been encryption.
Each time you log in to the service then our system automatically registering your FTP account that system will provide your account secret code and store it on your browsers cookies along with your FTP account password that has been encrypted.
When you go to the site browser Our system then will check if your browser has cookies secret code, if it does not have cookies browse the secret code and password cookies then your browser will be redirected to the Login page, but if your browser has cookies secret code that corresponds to the data on the system then the next we describe the system will be your FTP account password.
You can delete cookies secret code and password of your FTP account even delete the FTP account data (server, port, user name and other additional settings) that exist on the system at any time when you log out (Exit) but even if you do not log out (exit) Our system will automatically delete your account if the period you have chosen at the time of admission had expired (expires).

Our professionalism

* Save the confidentiality of your account.
* Will not let your account data to anyone.
* Not going to go into your FTP account.

Your confidence is our responsibility.